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May the Lord crown 2017 with His goodness as He has in 2016!  What a year!
In July of 2015, my grandson, Steven, began traveling with me.  Many of you know that although his mother, Linda, is my baby sister, she has always been the daughter I never had. Consequently, Steven has always thought of me as one of his grandmothers. 
In our family, I am His MaMaw.  Steven announced his call to preach when he was 15, and today he has been privileged to preach the Gospel in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Athens, Greece.  It has been wonderful having him travel with me.  We have always been close, and I am excited to see what all God is going to do through him! 
Steven became even more a valuable part of Joyce Igo Music Ministries in 2016.  He is a full partner in the ministry with his preaching, his guitar playing, and singing.  We are now working on songs for a new recording featuring both of us. You just can't beat good ole family harmony! 

The book, "Joyce Igo:  Laughing My Way to Heaven", is being written. The first draft is done, and now it is in the editing phase.  I had no idea I would have so much trouble finding time to work on it.  I'm sure God has a plan, and it will come out exactly when He wants it to.

I made my first trip to Peru in 2016.  I enjoyed it so much.  We had a wonderful women's retreat for three days. They are so open to the Gospel, and so hungry to learn the Word of God. 

I feel that God would have me concentrate on the United States this year, so my focus this year will be on my own country. Steven and I are praying for revival I plan to return to the uttermost parts of the earth early in 2018, the Lord willing. 

We plan on recording a new CD with both Steven and me this upcoming spring.  Steven has been well received everywhere he has gone.  Churches are happy to see a young man following the Lord.

The Women's Conference's theme for 2017, is "Seize the Moment".  The skits I have been writing for the conferences have proven very effective.

It looks like that 2017 is going to be a great year for the Lord.  His coming is a year closer, and we have a shorter time to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Serving Jesus Christ is the most exciting thing in my life. We need your prayers that the Lord will guide our steps, give us wisdom, and use us for His glory.

Until He Comes
Joyce Igo & Steven Nichols