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The new theme for the 2017 Women's Conference for Joyce Igo Ministries is "Seize the Moment".  We are each given a certain amount of moments in our lives.  We chose what we will do with each second. Will they be used for self or will they be used for others? Will they be used to build the kingdom of God, or to tear down what God wishes to do?  The choice is ours.
We will be talking about seizing the moment in sharing our faith with others. When we find someone who is hungry to hear more about the Lord, that is not the time to be shy, but to tell that person about what Christ has done in our lives.
We need to seize the moment to sow into the next generation.  I feel that I have had a wonderful opportunity to do that with my grandson, Steven.  It has been awesome to watch him grow in the Lord, and to share with him what my experiences with God have taught me.  I think back to my mother teaching me and listening to my dreams of working in ministry.  She was such an encouragement, and a lot of what I am today is because of her.
We need to seize the moment and move in God's time. I often say timing is everything with God, and it is. It is so easy to get ahead of God for some of us, and it can also be easy to become frightened and not move when we should.  God has a plan for each of us, and it is our responsibility to follow His plan. 
Ladies, let us seize the moment in 2017!