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2018 is the year of new beginnings. This years, my women's conference theme has been, "Looking Like a Woman in Love".  You can tell when a woman is in love by the radiance on her face, her actions, her excitement, and her preoccupation with all things that pertain to the love of her life. It should be the same with our relationship with Christ. Does the glory of the Lord shine on our faces?  Do our actions tell the world that we know Jesus Christ?
Are we excited to be in fellowship with other believers as we worship and praise the Lord together looking for the time when we will all be with our wonderful Lord?  Are our thoughts constantly on Jesus and pleasing Him? 

All too often, as women, our time is filled with careers, children, marriage, and the countless other things we feel we need to do. It is difficult to find time to have that intimate time with the Lord.  As a woman myself, and being in a full time ministry, I confess, I can become so busy doing all the things for the ministry and for my family that I think I ought to do, that I do not give the attention I need to spending time with God.  

As we face a world that more and more marginalizes Christian faith and conduct, we need to be as close to the Lord as we can get.   I pray that we will all focus on the important stuff in 2018,